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Craft Shops India at URBAN FLEA in Ahmedabad

Urban flea market is one of the best happening exhibition for showcase foodies and art lover along with various fashion items, lots of activities for kids and family members, live bands and music for music lovers, its happening only in best city of Gujarat.


Urban flea – The place to be in, the decor, the presentation,the artifacts, the performances are so unique that you feel electrified.


This year Craft Shops India got chance to took part in 3 days exhibition on 23rd, 24th & 25th December 2016 at Karnavati Club, Ahmedabad. Craft Shops India showcase their main category products like indian handicrafts, women clothing, designer clutches, handbags, kutcchi collections of batva bags and designer bags, offer best discounts and offers to the visitors.


Craft Shops India experienced one of the best of a life time experience and motivated to take part in more such exhibitions around India to showcase their products and explore opportunities for the craftsmen associated with, so it will beneficial to the right people directly.




Photos from – Urban Flea Facebook page

Send Exclusive Handmade Decoratives to Your Besties on Happy Day

A fun blessing for any event is home prepared treats. Whether shipping Christmas treats to loved ones on your schedule, or mailing a cluster of treats to a part of the military serving abroad, treats are fun, particular presents. Obviously it’s by and large positive on the off chance that they land at their objective without breakage or decay. Taking after, we provide for you a couple of purposes of counsel on the best way to finish simply that.

First and foremost, you need to let your treats cool to room temperature before you wrap them. Warm treats can prompt mold or wet treats, in light of the fact that they give off dampness in the bundling. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t hold up more than 24 hours after they’re carried out to convey your custom made blessing. In the event that you hold up more of a chance, the treats can dry out and get stale.


Second we do the wrapping. The most well-known materials used to wrap baked goods are cellophane or waxed paper. Possibly material will do pleasantly. In the event that the prepared products are going to be sent over an extraordinary separation, you may think about wrapping every treat exclusively to ensure them from getting pounded together. For those of you sending your prepared products in a tin or solid box, you can bundle the heated desserts in cupcake papers or espresso channels. In any case you wind up wrapping them, verify you separate diverse sorts of treats to singular taste and dampness levels. In the event that you are stressed over your treats drying out on the excursion, take a stab at putting a lump of bread or cut of fruit in the bundle.

Next, you need to place your treats in an impermeable canister. The most utilized treat holder is the metal tin. Throughout the occasions, most all stores offer particular tins for precisely this reason. Nonetheless, consistently you can purchase tins suitable for prepared desserts at side interest stores and general stores. Glass or bricklayer containers with tight covers can additionally be utilized. An alternate attention is plastic sustenance containers. General stores offer reseal-capable plastic compartments at really low costs. As dependably, the most essential however minimum enhancing alternative is the plastic sack. Sacks do provide for you adaptability and tight stockpiling, however not quality, so you might need to place the sack in a stronger repository. The holder totally must be impermeable. This will keep dampness, tainting, and more undesirable particles far from your home prepared treats, and keep the rich taste of your blessing.


In the wake of taking after the steps above, stow your treats in the delivery box. You can get a cardboard box from the transportation organization, reuse a case you as of recently have, or get one from your neighborhood. Verify the container substance are cushioned on every one of the six sides. This could be achieved in a bunch of routes: segments of old, clean sheets, pressing paper, old plastic staple packs, and daily paper or magazine pages. Fundamentally, on the off chance that it could be folded, it lives up to expectations. Some special contemplations which likewise work are popcorn or sweet and sticky products of the soil. These padding operators can then be reveled in by the lone ranger uncle also! Once your treats are completely put away and tended to, check them as delicate and boat them out. You need to mail them with enough necessity that they are not in delivery for past three or four days. Don’t send over an occasion. You don’t need your new treats to get old in a delivery office. The delivery operator ought to have the capacity to provide for you an evaluation of the transportation span to help with your arranging.

Remember, as long as your treats are permitted to cool before being fixed, they ought to land in great condition. Abstain from putting more exertion into mailing your treats than you did making them. The individual on the flip side will be excited with the desserts regardless!

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Celebrate Christmas with Best Handicrafts Products

Christmas is a celebration of fun, adoration and fun when you can make your friends and family content with blessings.

celebration has its own myths and legends, for instance Santa Claus who accompanies loads of Christmas gifts for the junior ones on the night of the Christmas Eve. The greatest truth is that this celebration is praised by all the individuals of the planet where religion achieves a higher significance – an importance of mankind.

Kids, in the trust for appropriating blessings from the Santa hang socks on the yard, dividers, patios, and even on the couch stands. Anyway the convention of giving blessings on the Christmas is not restricted to the youngsters just. Adults additionally trade endowments as a motion of fondness, admiration and love to make each Christmas huge. They also think of some Christmas gifting ideas.

Anyhow endowments have their own particular significances and implications and turn into an image of the sort of keenness one has. In this manner, picking a blessing hinges on upon the individual whom you are wanting to offer it to.

A large portion of the Christmas gifting ideas with respect to kids and even adult individuals like your guardians and your senior relatives, companions and even your accomplice rotate around centerpieces, attire, and now and again utility materials like ceramics. Take a quick look at the below given Christmas gifts that could be great.


Christmas gifting ideas:

  • Apparels
  • Art and compositions
  • Photo outlines
  • Decorative things for home
  • Glass wares

Figurines made of porcelain, glass, pottery and even wood, incorporating virgin Mary cave, candle stand, distinctive sorts of crosses.

Angelic things, which are regular, incorporate entryway knockers, sconces, wooden plaques, holy messenger wind tolls, table lights and numerous more.

Cherubic topics incorporate holders, candle stands, wellsprings, gatekeeper holy messenger tickers and bookends.

Custom made blessing things like glasses, date books, table finish and table timekeepers with decorated or printed pictures of your friends and family on it.

A ring or a pendant for your accomplice with two of your names and pictures.

Handicrafts for Christmas

Handicrafts things take extraordinary place in terms of Christmas gifts. These are not difficult to browse, accessible all over the place and bear a touch of delicacy that talks about your forethought and fondness. Handicrafts gifts for Christmas can be as given below:

  • Textile based handicrafts like packs, saris, dress materials, cot spreads, pad spreads, pads, draperies, table attire.
  • Clay materials like terracotta masterpieces, ethnic tubs, ethnic veils, adornments sets.
  • Handmade Metal work, for example dokras and silver meets expectations are extremely famous as centerpieces and gems. These have turned into the heartbeats of the present era.
  • Woodworks are excellent hand tailored antiquities (this incorporates models, and even lino sketches and different woodcarvings) enhancing your dividers, tables and your lounge room.
  • Stonecraft -carefully assembled ancient rarities with stone that maintain different social repercussions helping the magnificence of the spot where it is kept.
  • Embroidered materials are handcrafted embroidery outlines made on the surface of an alternate material. These are utilized on ethnic wares and on attire which are utilized as tapestries.
  • Zari and Zari products have a rich custom behind them and gifting a zari based exceptional imprints the stylishness of one’s taste and inclination. Zaris are crochets made on different merchandise, for example wares, material shoes and ethnic packs.

Most Leading Varieties in India is in Handicraft

The character of India might be felt through the crafted works of the nation. Our pages have been outlined particularly to illuminate our followers about the different sorts of painstaking work in India. We introduce the vivid pictures and instructive compose ups about the method, workmanship and custom identified with the art. Data is accessible on a reach of workmanship items like home beautification, covers, compositions, designs, photograph casings, carefully assembled furniture, and stoneware.


Crafted works are extraordinary things for embellishment as well as be beguiling blessing things. You will be captivated by the endless gathering of painstaking work and the delightful way in which the artisans have inserted multifaceted plans on the same. will doubtlessly shock you with its love trove and you really want to be tempted by it. Our Christmas Handicrafts are amazingly beautiful that portray the most recent style patterns. They are high on interest for the design of Bars, Lounges, Hotels, Houses, Offices, and so on. With solid assembling capacities, we have the capacity to provide food universal and also contemporary plans of Christmas Items according to the necessities of the customers. We own a luring run of Traditional Handicrafts. A flawless amalgam of phenomenal craftsmanship and high grade quality obviously reflects in everything of our whole product offering of universal painstaking work. These accepted handiworks are a perfect thing to blessing somebody. Our carefully cut conventional painstaking work are accessible on exceptionally sensible rates.

Specialty is an occupation that requires extraordinary aptitude particularly manual ability. Craft and art are just about interrelated things and regularly these two expressions are covered in the use. India is the area where there is an ages old convention of symbolizations and specialties. Since the genesis of human advancements in India in Indus Valley makes have been most respected calling of various artificers. Practically every single area of India speaks to a style of craftsmanship with inconspicuous subtleties and varieties.


To address this issue India Handicrafts Store presents you a vivid record of the handiworks of all parts of India. You can peruse however to get a significant comprehension of Indian abstractions and specialty. Children can additionally extinguish their interest about art and take after them consistent with their slants. Creates designs in India are in abundance and our data display furnishes a knowledge about every item in portion. The wooden makes, metal artworks, glass creates, paper makes, and numerous other make structures are talked about agreeing remembering the significant inquiries of individuals. They might be useful to each impassioned admirer of Indian workmanship and art and over all Indian society. A glance at the areas of models, adornments, home enrichments, Indian artistic creations, high quality furniture, sacks and totes and numerous more can yield functional data about craft and artworks.

Tapestries and Door Hangings


The Wall Hangings indicate the incredible society and legacy of the Indian individuals. It’s an image of welcome and accommodation. The Chakla shows the convention and society of Gujarat, and it is made with hand weaving work by craftswomen in their recreation time. Wall decorations are made with beautiful silk string finish up cotton fabrics and utilizing fix work and weaving additionally.

Best Traditional Handicrafts from India

Indian Handicrafts are popular all over the world. Every year some thousands of business tourists from across the globe visit India to buy and trade in these priceless art pieces. For ages India has been popular for its rich and diverse cultural heritage and tradition, many arts and crafts have developed, and flourished with the encouragement and support of art loving people of this country for ages now. Hence, India has gained worldwide respect and expertise over this art. As such Handicrafts from India, command respect and value the world over.

Indian Arts and crafts are aesthetically designed and beautiful carved by skilled craftsmen and artists. Traditionally, Indian economy was driven by labor intensive practices. Production in most of the businesses has been performed by manual labor using skilled hands at-least until globalization.

Handicrafts or handcrafted materials are used for many purposes like decorating your homes or places of work, offices, as accessories and decorative or fashion items, could be a part of the dresses or as separate articles to complement clothes like jewelry, handbags etc, for spiritual purposes like making idols of devotees or items used in performing rituals, these pieces are also exchanged as gift items.

Some of the best categories of handicrafts from India are:

For home Decor:

krishna flute

Carpets, wall decorative such as paintings, Designer Clocks, etc Photo frames, statues, idols, pots and mugs, candles, and vase etc. Home Furnishings: Bed sheets, pillow & cushion covers, Curtains, blinds, tableware for dining room, garden accessories.

For clothing:


both for men and women, designer dresses , designer tops and shirts, , dress materials, party wear dresses, traditional dresses, Kurtas, dresses for different seasons, leggings for women etc



Necklace, bracelets and bangles, jewelry sets, pendants, rings and ear rings, anklets.



handbags made from items like Jute that are known eco friendly materials etc.

These beautiful items are made out of high quality and strong materials like wood, bamboo, paper pulp, metal, ceramics, textiles and clay.

The skillful industry of traditional Indian handicrafts has always been at the forefront of experiment and innovation. They strive to keep pace with the changing demands of the customers. They invent and come up with unique styles, innovative designs and forms of art and craft in their business.

With changes in business policies and methods of operation changing by the day, thanks to ever-changing technology, the traditional handicrafts industry in India is also adapting itself for the new changes and bracing up to meet the demands of the global markets at a shorter time span.

Today no matter where you are, you can order and own a beautifully crafted art piece by buying Indian handicrafts online. As in any other purchase on the internet, you can simply log onto the website of handicrafts businesses, browse through, and add the items of your choice to your cart, proceed to checkout and shipping you can make payments via globally accepted methods of PayPal transfers, debit or credit card etc. Your payments would be processed using a highly secured payment gateway technology making sure your financial information is not compromised.

Why People prefer Indian Handicrafts

Handicrafts are great resources for art lovers and fashion savvy people. They are known for aesthetics and craftsmanship. This industry is gearing up to become a Billion dollar business. Handicrafts from India, which forms a considerable portion of the worlds business commands greater respect and value in the market for its aesthetics, designs and unique styles.

India for ages has been a labor intensive market and as such handicrafts or hand crafted materials were most common in every product category. Though the advancements in technology have changed the production methods in many other industries, the arts and crafts industry in India has realized that no machines can match the skill and craftsmanship of traditional tools and skilled artists.

Handicrafts industry in India has a rich & glorious 5000 year old history. Art loving people of this country have always encouraged developed and supported this artistic industry for ages now. The rich heritage and culture of India helped artisans to come up with great and unique styles that have a majestic appeal.

Handicrafts are made using fine and strong quality material like paper pulp, textiles, ceramics, stone, marble and wood. Using these material beautiful pieces is art are carved that have great aesthetics unique designs and styles etc.

Indian handicrafts are made for different uses:

  • For decorating: Items like wall paintings, carpets, designer clocks, pots and vase can be used for decorating homes to work places.
  • Home furnishings: Curtains and blinds, bed sheets, pillow and cushion covers, and garden accessories.
  • Clothes: beautiful designs and styles are carves on clothes for men and women, designer tops and shirts, designer dress wear, party wear, kurta, seasonal clothing, leggings for women etc are all beautifully crafted by skilled manpower.
  • Jewelry: jewelry sets, necklace, ear rings, pendants all are being designed by expert hands to make them look more beautiful and stylish.
  • For spiritual and religions use: special items are carefully designed for religious purposes books and other accessories for offering prayers to items used to decorating temples and prayer room in the house are al being made by handicrafts businesses.
  • Gift Items: as these items have unique and distinct designs and styles, they are also being used as gifts to exchange on special occasions. They are used as gifts for every occasion and for every age group people. Watches, cuff links, dresses, stoles etc are all being used as gifts.

Realizing the huge demand for Indian handicrafts and also keeping in mind the changes in technology to market their businesses, many handicrafts companies are now setting up their websites. Theses websites lets you own and buy Indian handicrafts online, no matter which part of the globe you live in. Indian handicrafts are now highly preferred for their ease of availability along with their expert craftsmanship, unique design, styles etc.